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Our story

The BOWINQ brand was created in 2019 to make various activities easier in the dark. We do this by marketing practical, high-quality lighting products at an affordable price. Our products are equipped with modern technology and easy to charge via a USB-C charging port. By supplying products with rechargeable batteries, we ensure a reduction in waste from disposable batteries.

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rechargeable breast lamp

Boston 500

Do you regularly walk in the evening or do you like to go for a run? Like our many customers, choose the Boston 500 . This breast lamp is rechargeable, waterproof, reflective and gives an enormous amount of light. Available in two colours.

Discover the Boston 500

Rechargeable flashlight

Paris 5000

Are you looking for a flashlight of decent quality? Discover the Paris 5000 . A rechargeable flashlight with XPH-50 LED technology with a light intensity of 1500 lumens. The included rechargeable battery with no less than 5000 mAh ensures a usage time of up to 12 hours per charge. This flashlight comes with a number of nice accessories.

Discover the Paris 5000

Rechargeable flashlight

Yukon 5000

If we had to describe the Yukon 5000 in one sentence; a lot of flashlight for your money. Features XPH-70 LED technology in a robust housing. With 2000 lumens of light intensity, the Yukon 5000 gives color to the darkest forests. Empty phone during a hike? This flashlight also functions as a power bank!

Discover the Yukon 5000

Rechargeable headlamp

Phoenix 500

Are you looking for a quality headlamp with ultimate comfort? Discover the Phoenix 500 headlamp and enjoy sustainable LED technology. With the motion sensor, this modern headlamp can be operated hands-free! Do you do a lot of work in the dark? The Phoenix 500 also has infrared light, so that your eyes' night vision remains active.

Discover the Phoenix 500