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Phoenix 500 - rechargeable headlamp

Phoenix 500 - rechargeable headlamp

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A rechargeable headlamp with useful functions

This professional rechargeable headlamp is one of the most comfortable headlamps on the market today. With the latest technology LED lighting ideal for running, camping, climbing, fishing or evening jobs. Lightweight, easily adjustable and therefore suitable for everyone. The lamp is resistant to all weather conditions. This modern headlamp is immediately ready for use, supplied with a USB-C charger.

Headlamp is adjustable and has a zoom function

The lamp has different lighting modes for far and near, bright and dimmed, white high beam and flashing red safety light for emergency situations, easy to operate with two buttons or the motion sensor. The lamp is 90 degrees tiltable , convenient to adjust the direction of light.

The Phoenix 500 also has a zoom function , which allows you to see your surroundings clearly and your safety is guaranteed in any night-time environment. Handy for running, nature walks, camping, hiking, fishing or for jobs in and around the house.

Headlamp with motion sensor

Usually, a headlamp is used for activities that require your hands to be free. With the handy motion sensor function, you can switch the Phoenix 500 on or off with one hand movement. The motion sensor can be switched on or off with a button. If it is switched on, the lamp can be switched on and off by moving your hand along the lamp.

The headlamp is USB-C rechargeable with long operating time

Thanks to the use of an integrated high-quality battery , the Phoenix 500 can be charged quickly and used for a long time. That means no nuisance from empty batteries. The sustainable LED technology ensures that the battery lasts a long time. Ideal for prolonged activities! The headlamp also contains indication LEDs to read how much the battery is charged (each indicator light contains 20% battery).

The battery is equipped with a USB-C charging port and is therefore suitable for future legislation regarding the uniform use of chargers in the European Union. You can easily charge the headlamp with the included charging cable .

Comfortable headlamp to use in different circumstances

The Phoenix 500 head torch is water and dust proof . The battery compartment and the switches are also provided with a watertight seal. The headlamp can therefore be used in any type of weather, such as rain, hail or snow.

The headlamp is lightweight and the elastic band is easily adjustable and the soft fabric provides extra comfort. The headlight can tilt 90 degrees to ensure optimal lighting.

The Phoenix 500 headlamp has a full 1-year warranty

BOWINQ ensures free repair or replacement of your broken lamp and we send free parts if necessary. Do not hesitate to contact us, we are committed to 100% customer satisfaction.

Package contents:

✓ Phoenix 500 headlamp
✓ USB-C charging cable
✓ Manual

Specifications :

✧ Weight: approx. 200 grams
✧ Adjustable headband circumference: 58 cm
✧ Zoom function
✧ Motion sensor (on and off with one movement)
✧ Dust and waterproof
Range: 100 to 300 meters depending on the mode of use
✧ USB-C rechargeable (in accordance with EU legislation)
✧ CE certificate

Important tips for use:

✧ Do not look directly at the light source.
✧ Fully charge before first use.
✧ When fully charged, remove the headlamp from the charger.
✧ Do not use while charging.

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