The BOWINQ brand was created in 2019 to make various activities easier in the dark. We do this by marketing practical, high-quality lighting products at an acceptable price.

The beauty of the night is sometimes accompanied by difficulties due to a lack of light. For example, are you going for a run after sunset? Get on the road safely with our Boston 500 running lights for optimal light and comfort. You are fully enlightened and contribute to road safety. Would you rather tinker with your hobby car in the evening? Experience a world of convenience with our Phoenix 500 headlamp.

Visibility is very important for everyone's safety. BOWINQ offers the perfect solution for anyone who goes outside before or after sunset. Together we hope to make nighttime outdoor life more accessible and we contribute to a bit of safety in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe!

At BOWINQ we value sustainability, which is why all our lighting products use sustainable and energy-saving LED technology. Our lighting products are also always rechargeable, so we prevent a load of empty batteries with the small chemical waste.

We ensure as much as possible that our products are delivered in the simplest possible packaging. The less waste we all produce, the less we burden the environment.

BOWINQ, your sight at night.

Interested in one of our products? That is beautiful! We like speed and therefore do our utmost to deliver your package as quickly as possible. Don't you know us yet and would you rather order via trusted platforms such as Amazon or Bol.com? We are also available here! To ask? Feel free to contact us , we are happy to help you.

Yours sincerely,