Walking lights - What should I pay attention to?

walking lights boston 500 on model back

Are you a walker in heart and soul and do you also like to take a walk in the dark? With the proper walking lighting you make sure that no road user overlooks you. We explain what you should pay attention to when purchasing the right lighting.

Visibility and reflection

First of all, it is important that you are clearly visible to others, because road users in the area can come from different sides. Therefore, always make sure that your walking lighting gives light from both the front and the back.

To increase visibility even more, it is wise to choose lighting that contains reflective material. Bicycles also often contain reflectors, because they give off a bright reflection and thus attract the attention of, for example, a rapidly approaching motorist.

To maximize visibility, it is wise to opt for lighting with glowing or flashing light, which attracts extra attention. Ideally, a switch between bright and dim light instead of on-off-on-off, this way you prevent it from being dark in between.

Illuminate the environment

In addition to being clearly visible, it is of course also important to have a good view yourself. With a brightly lit walkway you can see a cyclist approaching without lighting a lot faster and a possible collision is avoided. Therefore choose lighting with a shining light beam. A beam of light between 10 and 30 meters is perfect for walking.

Make sure you choose a lamp whose light beam can be adjusted, in order to set the ideal beam angle. If the light is too high, you dazzle oncoming people and if the light is too low, visibility is insufficient.


Provide comfort so that you are not bothered by the lighting. A possible option is, for example, a shining head lamp in combination with running lights around the arms. It is even better to opt for portable lighting, for example a breast lamp. In that case, make sure that it is adjustable in size, after all, your posture is not always the same and certainly not when you walk to lose weight!

Recharge instead of buying new batteries

Provide lighting that is rechargeable instead of lights with batteries. It is a lot more sustainable and also a lot easier! After a few rounds of walking, you can easily charge the lighting, for example with the charger of your phone.

When your lighting meets the above points, you will enjoy the detours in the dark! Let's just happen to have launched a perfect product that meets all the above points. Curious? You look at him here !