Running lights - Why every runner should have a chest light!

Running in the dark, every runner does it sometimes. Some runners pay little attention to visibility. In autumn/winter the days are short and it is dark both in the morning and in the evening, running lighting is therefore very important. In bad weather, only some reflective clothing is soon insufficient.

Unfortunately, many runners still take to the streets without lighting. Going for a nice round is of course good for your health, but we often don't think about the injury that a collision can cause!

What exactly is a breast lamp?
A breast lamp has bright LED lighting on both the front and back. This ensures that other road users can see you well in the dark. The front lamp not only ensures that you are visible, but it also illuminates your own walking route. With no less than 500 lumens of light intensity, the path in front of you is brightly lit up to 25 meters. When the walkway is clearly visible, it reduces the chance of a trip resulting in an injury. The front lamp is adjustable, so you decide whether you shine at the ground, forwards or upwards.

On the back is a small USB rechargeable battery, with a red backlight. Under this LED lamp is another LED strip with 5 lights, each LED represents 20% of the battery. Here you can easily see when it is time to charge the lighting. The rear light has a sloping light movement, so that it stands out even more. With the 2200 mAh strong battery, this running light lasts up to 6 hours, so it is not necessary to charge it after every workout!

How do I wear it and won't it bother me while running?
A breast lamp is easy to wear and very comfortable. You hang the lighting over your shoulder and simply click the two loose straps on the other side with a buckle. The battery on the back is easy to move, you simply slide it to the place on your back where it won't bother you. The total lighting weighs only 200 grams. The elastic bands can be made longer or shorter, so you decide how tight the lighting is on the body. Perfect for every posture!

Can I wear a breast lamp in the rain?
BOWINQ's chest lamp comes out of the test as IP-64 waterproof. This means that you can walk in the rain without any problems. The USB charging port has a rubber seal that keeps it watertight. Always make sure it is closed properly after charging the light.

Visibility while running is important to ensure your own safety. With a chest lamp you will be clearly visible at all times, as opposed to just some reflective clothing. The lighting is comfortable and easy to wear, for every body type. Thanks to its waterproofness, it is suitable for all weather conditions.

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